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A little wheeling and dealing at the crossroads, a quick slap to an upright bass, and a smokin’ beat. Add to the mix the guitar chops of Elvis Suissa and Three Bad Jacks music comes in to stretch the borders of rock. Three Bad Jacks are the bastard sons of rock and roll greats like Elvis Presley, Joe Strummer, Johnny Cash, and Joey Ramone. This full-throttle trio fuses the best parts of rock, punk, and rockabilly into a unique sound that defies any label or category.

Three Bad Jacks are an unstoppable force. They play consistently to sold-out crowds across the U.S. They have opened for bands from Joe Strummer to Dwight Yoakam, from Social Distortion to Bouncing Souls. Three Bad Jacks consistently draw on their home turf of Southern California at venues such as House of Blues, The Knitting Factory, and The Galaxy Theatre as well as festivals such as Hootenanny.

Three Bad Jacks have received a well-deserved reputation for a fantastic live show in support of their 1999 release, “Made Of Stone”, the Hellbound Train EP in 2002, and their most recent release, “Crazy in the Head”. The three releases along with their twenty separate T-shirt designs, stickers and other merchandise items are strong sellers in traditional retail outlets and at shows.


“Truly. Greasy-headed frontman Elvis Sussia (ex-Terror Train) leads this trio through exceptionally crafted, traditional rockabilly with surfed-up chords that could make old Link Wray blink; there’s chutzpah and heart and true musical command. On "Run Johnny Run" and "Thrill Me," you can practically taste the Blatz, while "Falling Down" might, on a good drunken night, raise the corpse of Gene Vincent. The raging psychobilly track, "Hell Bound Train," is suitably crammed with disgraced angels. On "Gone Gone Goodbye" and "Remember the Nights," you swear that Sussia is Elvis.”

Metro Times, Detroit/ Dustin Walsh

“It’s completely huge over here now but this guy was here ‘before the storm’. And Three Bad Jacks have been selling out venues nationwide for seven years now. If you go by crowd reaction, all the friends and fans at every show singing along to every song as they do. Three Bad Jacks love what they do.”


by Big Wheel, King Nick, Jan 2006


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